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The MQB FRONT BBK (Big Brake Kit) Macan Brembo 4 pot

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Custom Stainless Brake Lines for (MQB) mk7-mk8 w/ options for rear SS lines for PP and NON PP GTI options
Add front rotors for Macan calipers 345mm options
Add brake pads for Macan Calipers

With much praise and development from the track and online communities we are pleased to release our rendition of the MQB BBK (Big Brake Kit) with a multitude of products from various reputable manufacturers. We hope our online selection tool will provide a comprehensive but resourceful approach to selecting the right options for you! 


  • Porsche Macan (Base) 4 Piston calipers direct mount to MQB: VW mk7-mk8( GTI, R, GOLF, SPORTWAGEN& ALLTRACK) AUDI A3 mk3, AUDI TT mk3.  ( CALIPERS LEFT & RIGHT INCLUDED)
  •  T-FIT STAINLESS LINES Designed for Macan Brembo 4 pot calipers to be compatible and direct fit with MQB Platform. (Optional)
  • Brake pad options ranging from comfort to track: Hawk HPS 5.0(quieter street/track option), Hawk HP Plus (Semi quiet street/track more aggressive option), Hawk DTC-60 ( Most Aggressive high wear track option) and finally the Hawk ER-1(More Aggressive Endurance & low rotor wear for track option)(OPTIONAL).
  • Macan Front 345mm (MQB DROP IN) Rotor Options are available with Zimmerman street standard Z coated Rotors,  DBA 4000 T3 Slotted Rotor KP 345mm X 30mm (DROP IN) Track & Street Rotors (Optional)

Parts Catalogue:

  • Macan Calipers Left: 95B615123F, Macan Calipers Right: 95B615124F
  • T FIT SS MK7-MACAN LINES to MQB AUDI-1250-1320-F
  • ZIMMERMAN 345MM MK6R ROTOR 1K0 615 301AR
  • DBA 4000 T3 Slotted Rotor KP 345mm X 30mm DBA42808S
  • Hawk HPS 5.0 MACAN FRONT PADS w/ wear indicator option HB806B.624
  • Hawk HP Plus HB453N.585
  • Hawk DTC-60 HB453G.585
  • Hawk ER-1 HB453D.585

Some notes: The 340mm rotors for the MK7 GTI PERFORMANCE PACK edition will work with the caliper upgrade however some have noted a 2-3mm loss in pad sweep and potential overhang. The 345mm X 30mm rotors listed conform to the required contact with out over hang. We are in the process of adding a rear pad, brake line & rotor list for the MQB curated collection.